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Management Team

advisory board

Dr. Usha Ram (Principal)
Laxman Public School

Dr. Usha Ram, Principal, Laxman Public School, is an eminent educationist, Doctorate in English Literature and ELT expert and a recipient of

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Dr. Bhavna Chaddha (Asst. Vice President )
Corporate relations and business alliances

A doctorate in Behavioral Sciences (Neuro Clinical Psychology) with 19 years of experience in teaching and consultancy

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Mr. Deepesh Jain
Executive Coach

Mr. Deepesh Jain is a Certified Executive Coach and is passionate about helping individuals, specially young children, transform their

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Principal's Message

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” ― Plutarch

The above lines reflect the ethos of Sapphire International School. Like a skillful potter , who leaves no speck of mud unmolded, the School endeavors with utmost diligence and dedication to mould its students into a beautiful pot that would brim with knowledge and desire each day , thus fulfilling one of its core values- Excellence all Round.

India’s arrival on the global stage will be centered around its capability of educating and skilling its young population. Alvin Toffler , renowned educationist , once said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write but will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and then relearn”. India possesses an inherent advantage in the 21st century , being a nation with big population of young minds . We, at Sapphire International School, impart education that is constructive, consistent and compelling system of values around which personal as well as social life is built. An important part of the mission of our new age education is not just developing learners' competence, but also giving values and attitudes.

A school, we believe, should not be just an institution, It should not be a mere preparation for life, but, a school should be life itself and I believe, it is these very canons that form the foundation of what we aspire to impart here at Sapphire International School.

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